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6 Brake Problems to Check For and Get Expert Solutions

The braking system is undoubtedly one of any vehicle's most critical safety features. It enables drivers to regulate their speed and stop their vehicles safely. However, brakes can experience problems over time like any other mechanical component. Recognizing the signs of brake issues and seeking expert car brake repairs in Noble Park is crucial for ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers on the road. We'll discuss six vehicle brake problems, their symptoms, and the steps to take for expert solutions.

  1. Spongy Brake Pedal

A spongy or mushy brake pedal indicates air or moisture in the brake lines. Air entering the brake lines can compromise the brakes' effectiveness, causing them to feel less responsive and reducing stopping power. Water can also lead to corrosion within the brake system. When pressed, drivers might notice that the brake pedal sinks to the floor with minimal resistance.

Solution: Bleeding the brake system is the solution to remove air and moisture. This process involves purging and replacing the old brake fluid with fresh fluid. Let a professional mechanic of automotive brake repair handle this task to ensure proper brake system performance is advisable.

  2. Brake Noise

Unusual noises when applying the brakes can be a cause for concern. Squeaking, squealing, grinding, or metallic scraping sounds can indicate worn brake pads or damaged rotors. These noises often occur due to the friction caused by the brake components rubbing against each other. Fix these issues by connecting to car brake repairs professionals.

Solution: Replace worn brake pads and, if necessary, resurface or replace damaged rotors by getting the experts onboard. Regular brake inspections can help catch these issues before they worsen, preventing further damage to the braking system. At Ilyas Auto Tech, we have top-notch professionals specializing in replacing degraded brake pads.

  3. Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid leaks are a serious problem that can lead to a loss of brake pressure and compromised braking performance. Leaks can occur at various points within the brake system, including brake lines, calipers, and master cylinders. A noticeable decrease in brake fluid levels in the master cylinder reservoir signals a leak.

Solution: Recognize the origin of the leak and repair or replace the damaged component by hiring automotive brake repair experts. Addressing brake fluid leaks is crucial for maintaining a safe braking system.

  4. Vibrations or Pulsations

If you feel vibrations or pulsations in the steering wheel or brake pedal when putting on the brakes, it might be a sign of warped brake rotors. Warping can occur due to excessive heat buildup during heavy braking or aggressive driving. These vibrations can affect the overall smoothness of the vehicle's braking performance.

Solution: Resurface or replace the warped brake rotors. It's important to address this issue quickly to prevent further damage and maintain consistent braking performance.

  5. Brake Warning Light

Modern vehicles signal drivers to probable brake problems by displaying a warning light. If the brake warning light shines, it could imply various issues, such as low brake fluid levels, worn brake pads, or a defect in the brake system.

Solution: Have the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic to diagnose the exact cause of the warning light. Ignoring this warning can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Quickly call the expert technicians for car brake repairs.

  6. Soft Brake Pedal

A soft or sinking brake pedal can indicate several issues, including air in the brake lines, brake fluid leaks, or a failing master cylinder. A soft brake pedal can make applying consistent and effective braking force challenging.

Solution: A professional mechanic offering automotive brake repair can diagnose the cause of the soft pedal and recommend the appropriate repairs. Depending on the underlying issue, components such as the brake master cylinder might need replacement. 

Apart from all these symptoms, you also need to pay attention to issues like your car pulling to one side when using the brakes and burning smells coming from them caused by resin curing as each brake pad settles into your rotor. If the smell lasts for more than a few days, it is a huge cause of concern.

Whenever you detect such issues, contact the experts immediately and add to your safety. Being alert and proactive can prevent these issues from escalating into major ones.


Maintaining a properly functioning braking system is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Recognizing the symptoms of common brake problems and seeking expert solutions promptly can help prevent accidents and ensure your vehicle's braking system operates at its best. If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms or suspect brake issues, don't hesitate to consult a qualified mechanic for a thorough inspection and necessary repairs. Your proactive approach to brake maintenance can make a significant difference in the overall safety of your driving experience. If you're looking to repair the faulty brakes in your Car, connect to us at Ilyas Auto Tech without any hesitation. We offer the finest automotive brake repair in Keysborough at competitive prices.